The Absurd Times “#Break Gaza Siege”

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#Break Gaza Siege

Article coming soon. This is trending world-wide right now.

    1. Shehaam Noordien ‏@shamznoor21m
      Tweet for Gaza tonight let not be silent they are human an they don’t deserve to live like this #BreakGazaSiege

      10:00 AM – 19 Dec 13 · Details

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  1. #OpIsrael ‏@Op_Israel23m
    Israel counted #Gaza calorie needs during blockade … #BreakGazaSiege

  2. Ismail Patel ‏@Ismailadampatel52m
    #Gaza 1.8m people on 360 Km2 with only one exit & it’s closed most of the year #BreakGazaSiege @PalAnonymous
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  3. Chez_Em ‏@Chez_Em54m
    #Israel Defense Minister “I TOLD Ban-ki Moon. No construction materials allowed in” @UN WTF Right? Its an ILLEGAL blockade. #BreakGazaSiege

    Followed by George Galloway


  4. Trendinalia UK ‏@trendinaliaGB1h
    @itsmenanice Did you know that #BreakGazaSiege was Trending Topic for 50 minutes? → … @Maie_AD #trndnl
    from Westminster, London

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  6. Kajsa anckarström ‏@K_Anckarstrom2h
    OP Tweet/Facebook Storm 4 Gaza ! > World Leaders #BreakGazaSiege If you can think of any World leaders including…

  7. Chez_Em ‏@Chez_Em3h
    Marvelous innit. Like they don’t have enoug 2 deal with”@jncatron Israeli gunboats shell Gaza shores #BreakGazaSiege

  8. Anonymous Palestine ‏@PalAnonymous4h
    #Rafah crossing closed for seventh day in a row #Palestine #Gaza #BreakGazaSiege
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  9. Anonymous ‏@An0nOpsNews7h
    Free Palestine lift the Blockade end the occupation #BreakGazaSiege @HaIconBIack
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  10. Chez_Em ‏@Chez_Em7h
    FFS #BreakGazaSiege A car’s trunk becomes the bed of 5 children who lost their home to #Alexa floods! Via @Omar_Gaza
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  11. Teresa Mohamed ‏@tmoptimist19h
    There will never be silence until justice is done for Palestinians. #BreakGazaSiege and end occupation. The ppl of Palestine need justice.

    Followed by Assya Moussaid


  12. Teresa Mohamed ‏@tmoptimist20h
    It is in the best interests of the Israelis to renounce their inhumane treatment of Palestinians. Justice serves everyone. #BreakGazaSiege

  13. joe.m ‏@joeman4220h
    #BreakGazaSiege Israel drops White Phosphorous near a school in Gaza.
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  14. Humz:) ‏@7umairaa20h
    welcome to venice. no, i mean GAZA #BreakGazaSiege
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  15. PSC ‏@PSCupdates21h
    Call for @David_Cameron to end this unsupportable and immoral blockade of Gaza #BreakGazaSiege …

  16. Teresa Mohamed ‏@tmoptimist21h
    Israel will never stop its destructive policies unless they are forced. We need to #BreakGazaSiege through patience and perseverance.

  17. ~Scarlett~ ‏@E_N_l_G_M_A17 Dec
    RT @UKanons: @DrSHA6H @mike_alzeer: Gaza needs help, Gaza needs Aid, End the Blockade #BreakGazaSiege
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  18. Nanice ‏@itsmenanice17 Dec
    Egypt and Israel are directly responsible for this humanitarian disaster in Gaza #BreakGazaSiege

    Retweeted by e L Z i ö n

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  19. Sally Idwedar ‏@sallyidwedar17 Dec
    Bedouin relocation plan moves ahead despite freeze order #BreakGazaSiege

  20. PSC ‏@PSCupdates17 Dec
    10,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to widespread flooding in Gaza #BreakGazaSiege
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    1. ŚpĕĈíał Ǿŋẻ ㋡ ميكي ‏@mike_alzeer17 Dec
      Jew says stop killing Gaza #BreakGazaSiege

  21. #VBMPLongMarch ‏@druidlassy17 Dec
    No this is not Venice this is Gaza! they need your help world! … #BreakGazaSiege
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  22. Anonymous Palestine ‏@PalAnonymous17 Dec
    Just to be clear: Israel ‘saves’ flood victims in the Philippines while creating flood catastrophe in #gaza. #BreakGazaSiege

  23. Starr ‏@the1stStarr17 Dec
    So @netanyahu why did you do this when you knew the pumps in Gaza was not working ? > #BreakGazaSiege @WilliamJHague

  24. KING OF CLUBS ‏@TelfordTwilight17 Dec
    RT @mike_alzeer: Everything is freeze, but the settlement not ….! #BreakGazaSiege
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  25. PSC ‏@PSCupdates17 Dec
    .@David_Cameron Don’t let the inhuman treatment of Palestinians in Gaza go unnoticed #BreakGazaSiege …

  26. PSC ‏@PSCupdates17 Dec
    Ask your MP to act to help end the blockade on Gaza #BreakGazaSiege
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  27. Anonymous Palestine ‏@PalAnonymous17 Dec
    Egypt and Israel are directly responsible for this humanitarian disaster in Gaza #BreakGazaSiege
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  28. ŚpĕĈíał Ǿŋẻ ㋡ ميكي ‏@mike_alzeer17 Dec
    Gaza needs help, Gaza needs Aid, End the Blockade #BreakGazaSiege
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  29. PSC ‏@PSCupdates17 Dec
    The crisis in Gaza is escalating daily #BreakGazaSiege …

  30. Anonymous Palestine ‏@PalAnonymous17 Dec
    Free Palestine lift the Blockade end the occupation #BreakGazaSiege
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  31. thєαngєlwínkѕ ‏@theangelwinks17 Dec
    40,000 people affected in d #GazaDisaster, thousands in shelters. Flood water 2M high in some areas #BreakGazaSiege

    Followed by Max Blumenthal and 1 other

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  32. Cafe Palestine ‏@Cafe_Palestine17 Dec
    Hashtag tonight 7-8 pm GMT time : #BreakGazaSiege copy & paste tweets from here ->

  33. Ruinux ‏@HaIconBIack17 Dec
    @BarackObama Why the silence on #Gaza?? people are dying strip is flooded sewage is entering the streets!this is a disaster!#BreakGazaSiege

  34. Ruinux ‏@HaIconBIack17 Dec
    #Egypt and #Israel are directly responsible for this humanitarian disaster in #Gaza #BreakGazaSiege
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    1. Ruinux ‏@HaIconBIack17 Dec
      #Free #Palestine lift the Blockade end the occupation #BreakGazaSiege

  35. ŚpĕĈíał Ǿŋẻ ㋡ ميكي ‏@mike_alzeer17 Dec
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  36. AntiZionist ‏@MrAnonymous24717 Dec
    @MartinSchulz We demand European parliament launch an appeal for disaster relief Gaza @MedicalAidPal #BreakGazaSiege
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  37. AntiZionist ‏@MrAnonymous24717 Dec
    @MartinSchulz Why the silence on Gaza? thousands are homeless, Gaza needs aid, Children have died 100s injured #BreakGazaSiege

  38. Bilal Billy Gibbons ‏@Bilalbilly3417 Dec
    @LizH1974 you are a liar, and probably paid by the IDF #BDS #BreakGazaSiege
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  39. Bilal Billy Gibbons ‏@Bilalbilly3417 Dec
    @LizH1974 nor will you find many others saying that either, unless they are paid … #BDS #BreakGazaSiege
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  40. Steven ‏@steve_wertheim17 Dec
    @Europarl_EN Storm disaster in Gaza ‘man-made’due to Israels blockade on Gaza fuel could not get through to run the pumps! #BreakGazaSiege

  41. حر Saor حر ‏@QuadraroRoma17 Dec
    OP Tweet 4 Gaza, World Leaders #BreakGazaSiege !! Add your friends this is going to be big!! open the #Pastebin

  42. حر Saor حر ‏@QuadraroRoma17 Dec
    OP Tweet 4 #Gaza, World Leaders #BreakGazaSiege !! …
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  43. Kajsa anckarström ‏@K_Anckarstrom17 Dec
    OP Tweet 4 Gaza World Leaders #BreakGazaSiege !! Twitter/Facebook Storm starts 17/12/2013 Tuesday 17/12/2013…

  44. Kajsa anckarström ‏@K_Anckarstrom17 Dec
    OP Tweet 4 Gaza World Leaders #BreakGazaSiege !! 4 one week every night at 7pm – 8pm GMT

  45. Bea ‏@BeaC4816 Dec
    @AlllyMango @K_Anckarstrom I think we have to address the Siege. As long as that continues gaza will suffer. #BreakTheSiege #BreakGazaSiege
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  46. ŚpĕĈíał Ǿŋẻ ㋡ ميكي ‏@mike_alzeer16 Dec
    @K_Anckarstrom #BreakGazaSiege #LetGazaLive #HelpGazaToLive #GazaSuffering

  47. Maie ⭐ ‏@Maie_AD14 Dec
    @ASE: 4 وفيات في غزة تأثرا بأجواء المنخفض الجوي …#BreakGazaSiege #Pray4Gaza
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  48. Maie ⭐ ‏@Maie_AD14 Dec
    @ASE 2 Little girls lost their lives &more than 96 people injured due to the icy weather & swegae’s floods! #HelpGaza #BreakGazaSiege #Alexa

  49. Maie ⭐ ‏@Maie_AD13 Dec
    Thinking of #Gaza and how it’s drowning in water, injustice, darkness and cold! #BreakGazaSiege

  50. isinelicin ‏@IsinElicin18 Nov 12
    #ProtestforGaza #GazaUnderAttack #GazaResists #BreakGazaSiege #BDS

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