The Absurd Times The Critical Front, Mandela, and a Lack of Ruth

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on December 12, 2013


Illustration: We are first in something — The Economist

Recently, someone woke up to what is going on in Syria and stopped “humanitarian” aid to opposition. It seems a group calling itself the “Islamic Front” took over some “humanitarian” warehouses from “vetted” opposition warriors against the country of Syria.

This seems a call for action, so we are establishing the “Critical Front,” first envisioned by Max Horkheimer, with primary followers Adorno and later Marcuse. The ideological inspiration for Max was Arthur Schopenhauer, the font of all wisdom and also inspiration for Frederich Nietzsche.

All that is required for membership is distaste for idiocy and oppression (a militant form of idiocy). It helps, every so often, to point out facts and viewpoints not generally shared by a corporate force.

Some news: Ukraine has some people all upset because it did not accept the European Union’s conditions. For now, it will remain part of an economic co-operation group led by Russia. This means that it will continue to get gas and other necessities at a very low cost and that the people will live in relative comfort. Those opposed do not like the rejection of “western” values, such as forced austerity and the easy access to Lady Gaga recordings.

In Thailand, people are revolting. There will be more video of them for some time, perhaps until many die.

The sign-language interpreter at the funeral speeches was very strange. As far as I can tell, the only thing he signed that could be interpreted as “running bear.” You figure it out.

At the funeral of Mandela, Obama shook hands with Fidel’s brother who has been labeled by many American politicians, especially Republicans, and especially those in Florida, as a “ruthless dictator.” A dictator who lacks Ruth is a very evil thing, indeed, we must point out; however, perhaps our relentless blockade of Cuba has kept all the “Ruth” from getting in. Lacking “Ruth,” Cuba must do the best as it can to survive; doing such despicable deeds as helping people in Africa, including Mandela, to overthrow colonialism and apartheid. With all the piety and pomposity that hypocrisy can muster, many of those who supported the oppressors “honored” him at his funeral, doubtless sticking a needle into his skin as they passed by to make sure he was dead. Below is an interview that makes clear Fidel’s role, and also that of Che Guevara, in assisting this liberation.


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