The Absurd Times Whose Sarin Now, we ask?

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on December 9, 2013


Illustration: He told you so too.

Now, perhaps, others will understand that it was not Assad of Syria who attacked with Sarin gas. Our regular readers already know that it was not, and also know that it was one of what our government calls “terrorist” groups that did. We already pointed out that the technology involved is not difficult or complicated.

[You can, of course, find out what the chemicals are, and how to get them, and how to mix them, online. Of course, you also know that NSA will then have a record of the fact that you did. It will also find all your “friends” or “followers,” and then all of their “friends,” and “followers,” and stash the information in a vast pile of meaningless information that nobody bothers to read, and nobody will pay anyone else to read. It will wind up somewhere in an enormous storage facility somewhere in Utah as soon as the NSA figures out how to keep their machines from exploding.]

This latest publication makes the information available to a wider group of people, so we republish the interview here.

This is only one more of a long series of idiocies covered up by the corporate media. It is only until an investigative journalist like Seymour Hersh publishes it that people begin to realize the truth. The same was true of Chelsea Manning’s leaks to Wikileaks and Snowden’s leaks to the media. These are all things we knew far in advance, but simply were ignored by the vast public, the “silent majority,” a term that is a loose translation from Homer meaning the “Dead.”

Now the truth has to be acknowledged. We sometimes think that we should be directing our energies elsewhere as just about everything you should know is already here in our archives. Anything else is simply another example of the pattern.

Anyway, here is the interview:


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