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He would be locked up today. No wonder he drank. Tom Paine

We have not said a word about the idiot Congress because, frankly, we are weary of seeing it covered endlessly, almost as endlessly as Anthony Weiner’s penis.

The Republican Party is now down to a 20% approval rate. This means that one out of every five Americans will never even have sense enough to take a shower on occasion.

You will hear a great deal about the Tea Party and extremists, but do not let that fool you. In fact, the Republican Party has been systematically attempting to dismantle all of FDR’s reform for decades. Anything that is of benefit to people, or individuals, is to be removed. Anything that is of benefit to corporations is to be reinforced. We would do well to remember FDR’s statement that he became President to “save my rich friends from themselves.”

He did it by combining some major ideas from Eugene Debs and John Keynes and managed to bring the country out of a depression. It is not the war that brought prosperity but, rather, the war that forced FDR to abandon some of his retreats from his original stance and thus an era of prosperity ensued.

We hear people talking about the need for the values of the 50s, but those same people would protest the tax structure of the 50s.

We hear of the need to cut Government spending, but the only government programs mentioned are so-called “entitlements.” Well, if people are entitled to them, why try to take them away? What possible reason other than greed and distain for other individuals? None.

Look that benefits for Veterans, for example. Obama has finally been pressured into allowing the death benefits for veterans, but the truth of the matter remains hidden.

Here it is: when people are in the military they are property of the defense complex. They are property and, as such, thought of as relatively valuable, and eminently controllable. Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning is a case in point and an excellent example of what is in store for any soldier who dares to think for himself.

Once they are discharged, they become human beings again and, as such, are of little value. They are no longer commodities.

People go along with being against big government, but do not even know that Social Security is part of government. They are against closing parks and monuments, but they do not realize that these are government functions. In short, they are idiots. Another way to put it is that they have been “educated” in the American school system and never had the courage to challenge the indoctrination they are given.

60% of people, when asked once, to sign the Declaration of Independence considered it a subversive document and were either afraid to sign it or adamantly opposed to signing it. Well, they had a point. Anyone who preaches anything like what is written in that document today would eventually be tried for treason.

Over and out.


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