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Illustration: Portrait of Author in His Younger Days.

Yes, I was once younger, but I was right then and I remain right!

Everybody has a visceral reaction to the IRS. Actually, I only wrote that sentence because it was a buzz word a few years ago and I hated it and thus never used it in a written sentence. I just wanted to make sure I could spell it.

Well, why shouldn’t everyone hate the IRS? I remember my first articles as a journalist some time ago. I was asked to do drama reviews for a local paper but, since they would not pay anything, I declined the generous offer. When I saw the reviews written by a dingbat, I was so disgusted that I contacted another local paper and was soon doing the reviews for a fee. A much better arrangement than for free, I’m sure you would agree.

These reviews soon became so popular, especially with the cultural class, that the circulation of that other paper increased dramatically when my reviews were published. When the ownership noticed this, I began reviewing plays, books, and then, once in a fit of rage, form 1040 — as another work of fiction. Reactions were mixed.

Well, anyway, recently there has been a great deal of coverage of the IRS for “targeting” so-called “Tea Party” organizations, making it difficult for them to obtain non-profit status. All of them got it, however. Actually, the problem lies in the guidelines for the IRS employees in Cincinnati (the office in charge of non-profit classification). The law actually states that the organization must operate EXCLUSIVELY in the public interest. The guideline changes the word to PRIMARILY.

Much of the focus has been on the rules and how they are written to target the “Tea-Party”, but I believe that the wording was changed in 1959, during Eisenhower. In addition, because of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizen’s United (such a nice phrase), corporations are people, so they can anonymously dump millions into any organization they want. Carl Rove’s huge war-chest used to promote, albeit unsuccessfully, right wing causes is a non-profit. Just change the word back to EXCLUSIVELY and that problem will be solved.

So, how is the tax money spent? Well, a great deal of it is spent trying to rule the world (second interview). The Obama administration has stated quite bluntly, and without any apologies, that this will go on for at least 20 years.

So, other than that, are you still enjoying the news?


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