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Illustration: Kieth at shows American cartoonists at their best, actually looking outside the states. Anniversary of the Iraq slaughter, or Iraq 2.0.

Democratic members of congress are beginning to allow themselves to publicly be discouraged with Omaba. Like we haven’t been for 5 years. The treatment of Howard Dean, of course, should have been a warning to everyone even though it was his strategy that made electoral victories possible.

The Boston Marathon has been a big issue lately and as a morale booster people have been talking about “Boston Strong,” or B.S. for short. One the corner of the scene was a Walgreens store which is Sneerglaw spelled backwards. Some real conspiracy here. Starbucks was also there.

Not much coverage of Waco, but do you remember that it was the 20th anniversary of David Koresh and the ATF and FBI attacks? Or the Oklahoma? (Oklahoma is O.K.).

The Boston attack heightened the need for a ban on pressure cookers, or at least a background check on anyone buying one. BTW:- do you know of anyone who owns a pressure cooker? Can’t be too careful.

I expect a book to be published called the Brothers Tsarnaev. Too bad Constance Garnett would not be around to write it (the best author of 19th Century Russian Literature).

Wolfgang Blitzkrieg interviewed the chief of the Boston Police Department and thanked him “on behalf of all Boston, the country, and in fact everyone world-wide”. Fortunately, that freed up Obama for more important things such as screwing people on social security.

Oh, and here is some news on Syria:

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- After a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davotoglu in Istanbul on Wednesday, Russia´s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated, that Russia is committed to the Geneva Statement and affirmed, that if all sides adopted the principles of the statement, it would be possible to overcome all obstacles which had been put in place by some countries, which keep calling for war and for regime change.

Russian F.M. Sergei Lavrov in Turkey, “Syrian Military is fighting al-Qaeda”. Photo SANA

The Russian Foreign Minister reiterated, that there are certain countries, which are setting up obstacles for dialog among the Syrian people, and stressed the importance of Middle Eastern countries adherence to the Geneva Statement, so that the crisis could be solved politically.

Sergei Lavrov pointed out, that demanding “regime change” as a precondition for dialog is unrealistic. “Russia is not playing the games of changing regimes or authorities in sovereign countries”,he said, and continued, “If our goal is to stop and to end the crisis, we must force all those who fight there to sit at the dialog table. But, when some sides are aiming at changing the region or at having the president step down, this will be at the expense of more victims among the Syrian people”.

Lavrov stressed the necessity to stop arming the Syrian opposition and said, that arming the opposition contradicts the Russian position and the armed opposition must stop the violence and start a political dialog to resolve the crisis.

Turkey has since the onset of the armed subversion financed, trained, armed, and provided direct military support to insurgents in Syria. At the onset of the crisis the state sponsorship of terrorism was primarily provided to the Free Syrian Army, which consisted of both Syrian, Turkish and other foreign units from Muslim Brotherhood associated organizations as well as the Al-Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Subsequent to the decisive defeat of the Free Syrian Army during two failed campaigns to secure the city of Aleppo in June and July 2012 the main fighting force of the insurgents has been composed of the Al-Qaeda associated Janhat al-Nusrah as well as a cohort of other Salafist, often al-Qaeda associated organizations.

Sergei Lavrov however, restrained himself in his mentioning of the fact, that Turkey, along with the USA, EU, Gulf Arab States and other, is predominantly sponsoring al-Qaeda mercenaries. Lavrov affirmed, that al-Qaeda cells in Syria exist, and that they are fighting the Syrian military forces alongside other terrorist groups who are affiliated with it. Lavrov said:

“We know that there are also cells affiliatedwith al-Qaeda fighting within the Syrian territories, and there are various fronts in Syria which are included in the American terrorism list… from now on, if we prefer a military solution, then we will witness an escalation of the situation in Syria,” Lavrov added.

Diplomatic ties between Russia and especially the USA came to an all time low in March 2013, when the USA, after a massive car bomb explosion in Damascus, that killed scores of civilians, vetoed a Russian sponsored resolution at the UN Security Council, to condemn terrorism in all of its forms. The US veto prompted Lavrov to warn against double standards and a deterioration of the principle to reject terrorism in all of its forms, regardless by whom it is committed, when, or under which circumstances.

In his statement to Turkish and international media, the Russian Foreign Minister warned against betting on achieving a military solution to the conflict and stressed, that emphasizing a military solution would expand the regional influence of terrorist organizations. Several analysts however, including the scribe, the Pakistani security expert, retired Major Agha H. Amin, as well as the chairman of the Workers´Party – Turkey, Dr. Dogu Perencek, have at numerous occasions pointed out that the overall US and NATO strategy for Syria, Turkey and the greater Middle East, is the creation of a corridor US/NATO controlled corridor from the Mediterranean to Pakistan´s Baluchistan province by means of low-intensity conflicts and state sponsored terrorism.

Sergei Lavrov warned, that the activities of the so-called “Friends of Syria” group has a negative impact and obstructs the peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria. Lavrov also criticized the Arab League´s decision to grant the “Syrian Opposition” a non-state actor, the seat of the Syrian Arab Republic, and emphasized that both the activities of the Friends of Syria group and those of the Arab League contradict the Geneva Statement and that they don´t help resolving the crisis peacefully.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Davotogly, in hist statements to the press, claimed that the Turkish government is trying to stop the escalation of the crisis in Syria. and said, that “the Syrian people are the ones who decide the future of their own country”.The Turkish Foreign Minister failed to mention his direct involvement in planning and financing the subversion of Syria, by means of a USD 10 billion grant from Qatar, since 2007. Neither did any of the two foreign ministers publicly mention, that Turkey is the primary logistic hub for weapons deliveries to the insurgents, which are delivered in entire ship and plane loads through Turkish ports and air-ports.


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