The Absurd Times Arias, HLN, and Psychometrics

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on April 8, 2013


Illustration: The prosecutor (Some call him the “Monkey”)

To start with, the breaking news is the final death of Margaret Thatcher. We received this with mixed greetings as we were glad she was finally gone forever and on the other hand we will be subjected to a slew of reflections on her life, such as it was.

The main thing we are finally getting behind us is the absurdity of the murder trial in Arizona (yes, the same county as Arpaho or whatever he is called Sherriffs). I will not insult those who live close to me geographically and know of my background in matters psychological by divulging the circumstances, but I did wind up watching parts of that trial (which, I understand, is still going on).

It is not worth summarizing as you can Google “Jodi Arias” and find out all sorts of details from people who are much more excited about this than I, but it is clear that nobody doing the coverage knows anything about Psychometrics or PTSD, interpretation, or accuracy. Suffice to say, the defendant very well could have no memory of the bloodier aspects of the crime, that it could not have been premeditated as even the Manson murders, as bloody as they were, were pristine compared to this. The crime scene makes premeditation impossible.

Now, the main problem, as I see it, is in the coverage of the trial. HLN is carrying it for the most part and the reporters are mainly, or exclusively, ex-lawyers, or lawyers not really practicing. Perhaps there is good reason from this.

Here is the point: I would rather they hire a small teams of minor-league baseball play by play announcers to do the coverage as it would be more objective. If a baseball announcer says an outfielder caught the fly ball when it bounced in front of him or hit him on the head, he would be fired. Certainly he would if this was a pattern, and I have heard Bob Elson of the old White Sox. Even he would have covered it more accurately.

Every single one of the commentators has found her guilty of first degree murder. When an outside analyst is called in and points out what really happened, I would remark to the others watching, “That’s the last you’ll see of him,” and I have always been right.

This is how bad it is: some of them, instead of covering the trial are playing tapes of interrogation that are not even being allowed into evidence. One in particular, skips the trial altogether hand just attacks whatever is handy.

At any rate, spare yourself the spectacle unless you know a bit about Psychometrics and want to have a few laughs. If you want accuracy, watch a baseball game. At least an out is an out.


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