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The editorial team at has compiled expressions of solidarity and condolences for the people of Venezuela, which have been sent to the editorial team, as well as those passed around on the internet on social networks. Considering the political and historical bearing of the life and death of Hugo Chavez, as well as the historical value of the worldwide outpouring of solidarity with the people of Venezuela, I have decided to publish this editorial for our readers at nsnbc ìnternational. The original editorial is published atVenezuelanalysis.Com.

Before I give the word to all those who have written statements, I just want to share one or two questions with you: “I wonder, why so many who respect, admire and love Hugo Chavez, when they are describing him visually, think about the Latin American President, who is standing in the rain, speaking to his people. What symbolism, what powerful archetype of something that represents all of us who don´t belong to the 1 % is the reason for remembering Hugo Chavez in the rain. Is it, because he stood there together with “us” trying to provide shelter for us all ? Is it because Chavez was the living evidence for, that no political system, no political instrument when it is applied in practice, is better than its leaders ? Is it because Chavez was one of the few who would stand there with us in the rain ? Is it therefore, that it is not unlikely that his illness was the result of a vicious attack on Chavez and on all of us, like it was the case with Yassir Arafat ? Nagging Questions in deed. “ – Christof Lehmann nsnbc editor.

Statement of the Socialist Alliance (Australia) (1

The Socialist Alliance in Australia expresses its deepest sympathies with the people and government of Venezuela on the death of Companero Hugo Chavez Frias on March 5. His passing is a huge loss for all peoples, across Latin America and the globe, struggling for a world free of inequality, exploitation and oppression.

It is testament to Hugo Chavez’s great leadership that, while mourning his death, we are also confident that the Bolivarian revolution and the new movement for socialism of the 21st century that Chavez inspired will be continued by the mass of people, to whom he worked so hard to give power.

Hugo Chavez emphasised repeatedly that the people, not he himself, were the motor force of revolution. But his visionary leadership, and his uncompromising battle for the fundamental social transformation that is needed to save humanity and the planet was history changing, and inspired millions of people in their day to day struggles for justice, peace and freedom. Chavez’s contempt for and refusal to be cowed by the most powerful imperialist leaders in their drive to own, control and destroy everything in the name of private profit empowered us all to struggle harder, gave us more courage to challenge the brutality of capitalism and consigned the capitalist rulers’ declaration of the “end of history” to the dustbin of history.

Chavez’s visionary leadership against inequality, exploitation and environmental destruction was based on an understanding that, in his own words: “Time is short. If we do not change the world now there may be no 22nd century.” The majority of Venezuelans agree, electing him as their president five times. Chavez’s most recent re-election, last October, was the result of his public commitment to deepening the democratic socialist revolution.

Hugo Chavez may no longer be physically present with the people to carry out that platform, but he, his ideas and he example will live on for generations in the hearts and minds of all those committed to ending the savageness of capitalism and putting people and the planet before profits.

The Socialist Alliance will honour the memory of Hugo Chavez through continuing our work in solidarity with the Venezuelan people’s Bolivarian revolution, struggling for socialism of the 21st century in our own country, and internationalising Chavez’s profoundly humanitarian, peaceful, democratic and ecological vision for all humanity.

Long live Chavez!

Long live people’s power!

Long live socialism!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (2

Dear Compañeros and Compañeras,

It fills us with real sadness to hear of the death of President Hugo Chavez. The leadership and members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization send out deepest condolences to the government and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

President Hugo Chavez was a hero in every sense of the word. He stood up to the U.S. empire. His vision of a world without imperialism and poverty will continue to inspire the peoples of the Americas, and indeed the entire world. Under the leadership of President Chavez, Venezuela sent aid to impoverished communities across the U.S. We will never forget this real, meaningful and concrete solidarity.

Nor will we forget the courage that President Chavez demonstrated in the face of the U.S.-backed coup, or when he came to the United Nations in New York City and rightfully compared George Bush to the devil.

President Hugo Chavez will be missed by all revolutionary and progressive people. His legacy of struggle, sacrifice and determination in the face of adversity will live forever.

We send our solidarity and profound sympathy to the government and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela at this difficult moment.


Freedom Road Socialist Organization

The Socialist Party of Malaysia (3

March 6, 2013 — The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) expresses its deepest condolences to the people of Venezuela, Latin America and all who supported the Bolivarian Revolution, for the loss of our great Comrade Hugo Chavez.

Comrade Chavez had gained the most votes in the history of Venezuela when he elected for the fourth consecutive presidential term. Unfortunately, now the unfinished revolutionary process has to go on without the physical presence of Comrade Chavez.

As vice-president Nicolas Maduro said, “Those who die for life, can’t be called dead.” Comrade Chavez will be more alive than ever in the heart of all the people who committed themselves to the struggle for a better world free of the savageness of capitalism and neoliberal imperialism.

Comrade Chavez is a visionary revolutionary who not only inspires the people in Venezuela, but also the downtrodden in Latin America as well as people fighting against the neoliberal agenda around the world. The Bolivarian Revolution has captured the imagination of many people, including us in the PSM, that another world is possible.

The PSM believes that the legacy of comrade Chavez can be defended through continuous mobilisation from below for socialism of the 21st century.

In solidarity, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

AFGJ mourns the loss of President Hugo Chavez (4

March 6, 2013

The Alliance for Global Justice mourns with the family of President Hugo Chavez Frias and people of Venezuela his untimely death. But in this time of tears we also celebrate the life of this great man whose passion for justice and equality marshaled the progressive movements in his country to eradicate illiteracy, abolish extreme poverty, cut the poverty rate in half, provide free health care and education for all, and to involve all the people in participatory governance. He showed the world what can be done by a government that has a true preferential option for the poor. While taking back the benefits of Venezuela’s vast oil resources for the people of Venezuela rather than the transnational capitalists and the small national oligarchy, he also generously shared that wealth with the poor of other nations in the hemisphere. The Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas (ALBA) is but one of the legacies Hugo Chavez has bequeathed to the people of the hemisphere. Nicaraguans and the US recipients of free heating oil alike join Venezuelans in mourning his death, as do all good people of the world.

The Alliance for Global Justice has full faith that the Bolivarian Revolution will continue through the strength of the Venezuelan people who chanted on what should have been the inauguration of his new term in office, “We are all Chavez.” AfGJ has equal faith that the forces of imperialism and savage capitalism will do everything in their power to disrupt a peaceful transition and to sow discord and confusion, rumors and lies, as Venezuela moves forward. We call on revolutionary and progressive forces in the United States to stand vigilant to defend the right of the Venezuelan people to sovereignty and self determination. We call on all people to work tirelessly toward Bolivar and Chavez’ dream of a united Latin America.

Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution! Hugo Chavez, presente, presente, presente.

Alliance for Global Justice

Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement on the death of President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias (5

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign was saddened to hear of the death of President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday 5 March, following a long fight against cancer.

Our heartfelt condolences and thoughts go out to his family, friends, comrades and the Venezuelan people who have lost a great leader who gave his life to the cause of social justice and unity in Venezuela and Latin America.

We are certain that the bonds of solidarity between Cuba and Venezuela that were cemented during his period of office will continue to strengthen and grow. Regional initiatives such as ALBA, and programmes such as Barrio Adentro and Operation Miracle, will continue to bring improved health and education to hundreds of thousands of people across the continent.

Chavez’s legacy and inspiration will live on through a united Latin America, and its continuing solidarity and commitment to equality and social justice for all the peoples of Latin America and the world.

CSC commits to redouble our efforts to ensure the gains of the Cuban and Bolivarian revolutions are defended and progressed.

Viva Chavez. Viva Cuba. Viva Venezuela

Hasta la victoria siempre.

Partido Lakas ng Masa statement on the passing away of Commandante Hugo Chavez (6

March 7, 2013 — The beacon has passed away. But the light within us will guide us. We shall continue the journey.

Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM, Party of the Labouring Masses, Philippines) joins PhilVenSol (Philippines-Venezuela Solidarity Network) in remembering and honouring the life and struggle of Commandante Hugo Chavez. He inspired us, and millions of poor people around the world, to dare to struggle and dare to win the fight for socialism in today’s world, in this 21st century.

President Chavez has proven to everyone that there is an alternative to the rotten neoliberal order that capitalism offers today. His achievements mute the trumpets of the capitalist world; capitalism represents the old order that dehumanises people and jeopardises the existence of our very own planet. Chavez’s accomplishments have been a great boon to the lives and livelihood not only of the Venezuelan people, but of the people of Latin America as well.

Chavez represents a new type of socialist leader, whose vision and action inspire and mobilise people to take matters on their own hands. With this style of leadership, we are confident that the Bolivarian Revolution that Chavez has led will continue because he has trained a big number of leaders of his calibre who will lead and can continue the fight for socialism in Venezuela, in Latin America and in all parts of the world.

Mabuhay, Komandante Chavez!

Tuloy ang Laban para sa Sosyalismo!

Irish Congress of Trade Unions (7

Congress General Secretary David Begg has paid tribute to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died yesterday in Caracas, saying he had made an enormous and lasting contribution to the lives of millions of Venezuelans.

“On behalf of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, I wish to extend my sympathy and condolences to the family of President Chavez on their loss,” Mr Begg said.

“That loss will be felt keenly both in Venezuela and in wider Latin America.

“During his 14 years in office – despite coup plots and campaigns of destabilisation – President Chavez virtually transformed Venezuelan society, lifting millions out of poverty and providing free education and healthcare to huge numbers of people who had never before seen the benefits of either.

“He has left an enduring legacy in Venezuela and one which will reverberate across Latin America for many years to come.”

Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Group and our paper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (8

In memory of Hugo Chavez

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez from complications following surgery for cancer, is a huge loss to the revolutionary movement worldwide, and the Revolutionary Communist Group and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! joins with the people of Venezuela in mourning the loss of a great socialist leader.

Hugo Chavez was first elected to power in 1999, following a military coup in 1998; elected again in 2000 under the new, progressive constitution of the Bolivarian Revolution. In 2002 a US-backed coup against him was defeated as working class Venezuelans poured out of the barrios in their hundreds of thousands to defend their president. He was re-elected as president with sweeping majorities in 2006 and again in 2013.

Hugo Chavez was a political giant, under whose leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution and vision of ‘socialism for the 21st century’ the lives of ordinary working class Venezuelans were transformed. In the last ten years, Venezuela has achieved the lowest levels of inequality in the region (excluding Cuba); it has wiped out illiteracy, brought infant mortality down from 25 per 1,000 to 13 per 1,000 live births, slashed levels of extreme poverty, provided free health care and education for all, built hundreds of thousands of units of social housing and ensured that – unlike in Britain – no child goes to school hungry in the morning. Chavez built anti-imperialist alliances, first with Cuba and then, through ALBA and other trade and cooperation treaties, more widely across Latin America and the Caribbean, to challenge the hegemony of the United States and begin to create a new anti-imperialist bloc on the world stage. On the international stage, he challenged the hypocrisy and brutality of a world dominated by the interests of imperialism.

Inevitably, he has attracted the unswerving hatred of Venezuela’s middle classes and their backers in the US and Europe; the vitriol of the international bourgeois press has been relentless. The vultures of reaction have been circling ever since the seriousness of President Chavez’s condition was made public, with counter-revolutionary forces attempting to foment the destabilisation of the Bolivarian Revolution. They perpetrate the big lie – that without Hugo Chavez there can be no Bolivarian Revolution – that it lives or dies with him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the mass popular support, admiration and indeed love Chavez enjoyed as the living embodiment of the aspirations of the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian Revolution has never been about just one man. It is a revolution being built from below, by the conscious organisation of the Venezuelan working class to transform society from one of neoliberal exploitation, hunger, sickness and poverty for the majority, to one moving towards collective, socialist organisation and production.

The Venezuelan people will not allow these vital gains to be lost. The tremendous popularity of the governing PSUV was demonstrated again in December’s regional elections, where the party won 20 out of 23 states. Under the stewardship of vice-president Nicolas Maduro and National Assembly leader Diosdado Cabello, Bolivarian revolutionaries in their own right, the Venezuelan government has begun to implement the Programa Patria manifesto on which Chavez was elected, ‘developing socialism beyond the point of no return’. The battle lines are drawn as the Venezuelan people prepare to fight tooth and nail to defend and develop that revolutionary process. We stand with all those defending the Bolivarian Revolution, mourn with them the loss of a great socialist and revolutionary, and defend the continuing struggle for socialism.

Hugo Chávez is dead: The fight for socialism lives! (9

International Marxist Tendency

Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Hugo Chávez is no more. The cause of freedom, socialism and humanity has lost a courageous champion. He died on Tuesday, March 5, at 4.25 pm local time. The news was announced by Vice President Maduro. The President was just 58, and had been 14 years in power. He has been battling cancer for the last two years, but when news of his death was announced, it came as a shock.

Declaration of the International Marxist Tendency

Supporters of Chavez outside the hospital on 18 February. Photo: chavezcandangaHugo Chávez is no more. The cause of freedom, socialism and humanity has lost a courageous champion. He died on Tuesday, March 5, at 4.25 pm local time. The news was announced by Vice President Maduro. The President was just 58, and had been 14 years in power. He has been battling cancer for the last two years, but when news of his death was announced, it came as a shock.

As soon as the death of the president was known, people started to gather in the Bolivar squares in the centre of cities and towns across the country. There are many reports of people breaking into tears in the streets or falling silent. Crowds of distraught people gathered outside the military hospital in Caracas where he died.

The spontaneous outpouring of grief soon turned into a mass demonstration of defiance. As on so many occasions when the Revolution was threatened, the people have taken to the streets of Caracas.

The reason for this outpouring of support and emotion is not difficult to understand. In the eyes of the masses Chávez represents the revolution, their own awakening to political life, the battles waged in the last decade, the feeling that for the first time ordinary working people and the poor were in charge. He represents the man who stood up to imperialism and the oligarchy.

Some superficial bourgeois commentators say that the masses loved Chávez because he ensured improved living standards through the misiones social programs. That of course plays an important role. But it goes beyond that, these social achievements, and they are impressive, were won through struggle, the masses had to mobilise en masse in the streets on several occasions to defend the revolution from the counterrevolutionary oligarchy and imperialism. This is what solidified the relationship of the masses with the president.

Let us not forget that not all were crying last night. In the upper class neighbourhoods in the East of Caracas many were beeping their horns and in Miami, the reactionary escualidos were openly celebrating. The ruling class and imperialism hated Chávez and wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible, and for the same reasons that the masses supported him.

Demonstrations of grief at the loss of Hugo Chávez were not li

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9) Hugo Chávez is dead: The fight for socialism lives!


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