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What about a felony?

German Brig. General insists, no “misdemeanor” of ISAF troops in killing of Afghan civilians


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ISAF spokesman Gunter Katz, denies “misdemeanor” after civilian death. Photo, ISAF

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Only one day, after the spokesperson of President Harmid Karzai said, that Afghanistan´s National Security Council had given American Forces two weeks to leave the Maidan Wardak province in central Afghanistan, the spokesman for the NATO-led ISAF, Brig. General Gunter Katz, denied any “misdemeanor” by ISAF forces in the recent killing of civilians in an air-strike.

Gunter Katz told media in Kabul, that the ISAF-forces were unaware of, that Afghanistan´s National Security Council had given US-American forces two weeks to leave the central Maidan Wardak province. Katz denied that there was any evidence of “misdemeanor” of American troops in the province, and insisted, that all operations in Maidan Wardak had been coordinated with Afghan Defense Forces.

The row between the Afghani government and ISAF arose shortly after the US-Air force had mounted an air-strike, which supposedly should target four Taliban fighters, and which resulted in the death of several unarmed Afghani non-combatants. Among the Afghan population, the USA is notorious for killing non-combatants in drone attacks, and ISAF forces in general, have since 2001 been criticized for the unlawful killing of thousands of Afghani civilians.

Skeptics among Afghanistan analysts however, view the assertiveness of President Hamid Karzai and the Afghan governments National Security Council, in demanding that US troops should leave the province, as a political PR-maneuver, and doubt the seriousness or sincerity of Karzai´s demands.

After a two-day meeting at NATO in Brussels last Friday, Afghanistan´s Defense Minister General Bismillah Mohammadi informed international media, that delegates of fifty NATO member states and other states contributing to the ISAF forces had declared, that their nations will continue “supporting Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) well beyond 2018″. Many analysts state, that the USA is likely to plan a US presence well beyond 2025, and that the USA is using Afghanistan as a base for destabilizing Pakistan´s Baluchistan province and other Pak-regions.

The message, that NATO and ISAF members will stay well beyond 2014, has led to protests in large segments of Afghanistans population who see especially the presence of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan as a destabilizing factor, a threat to national sovereignty, national security, and a menace for Afghanistan´s civilian population. The sudden assertiveness of the Karzai administration is widely perceived as a PR exercise rather than a genuine assertiveness which would be representative of Afghanistan´s population.

The statements of the German Brigadier General Gunter Katz indicate, that ISAF takes the Karzai administrations demands, that US-troops should leave the province rather nonchalant. To the question whether foreign troops would leave the province, Katz dodged answering and replied, “I cannot say the claims are correct. The evidence we have doesn´t support the allegations“.

Katz stated, that ISAF was working together with Afghan government representatives on addressing the public complaints, and he insisted, that all operations conducted in Maidan Wardak were coordinated with the Afghan forces.

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Christof Lehmann – Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and independent political consultant on conflict and conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. His work with traumatized victims of conflict has led him to also pursue the work as political consultant. He is a lifelong activist for peace and justice, human rights, Palestinians rights to self-determination in Palestine, and he is working on the establishment of international institutions for the prosecution of all war crimes, also those committed by privileged nations. On 28 August 2011 he started his blog nsnbc, appalled by misrepresentations of the aggression against Libya and Syria. In March 2013 he turned nsnbc into a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper.

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  1. Barry Wright said, on February 27, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    The damned military establishment is a hell all to itself, don’t get anywhere near it.


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