The Absurd Times #Egypt become a US style Democracy

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Well, if Egypt wanted a U.S. style revolution, now they have it. All the good, secular candidates beat themselves up, two parties remained, one won. Now he is busy beating the shit out of everyone who dares oppose him. It kinda reminds me of Chicago, 1968, or Kent State, Nixon era.

Fortunately, NSNBC covers that (below) so I’ve been busy working on why we have such a stupid system for people to emulate, not on why the people are stupid to emulate it.

Egypt in Turmoil: Mursi´s “Revolution” Backfires.

by nsnbc

Egypt in Turmoil: Mursi´s “Revolution” Backfires. Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) – After the effective hijacking of the “Arab Spring” by a well prepared, well connected and not least well financed Muslim Brotherhood, the Mursi “Revolution” as even some so-called liberals like international lawyer Franklin Lamb called it, is about to backfire. In spite of Egypt being […]
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