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Illustration: Hugh gives his opinion

Recently, one of you asked what the hell happened with the autopsy that was supposed to be done with Arafat’s body. I looked everywhere I could think of and even asked some people knowledgeable and trustworthy enough to give correct and honest, objective, answers. Nada, Zip, Zed, nothing. I can’t even find a record or mention that the body had been autopsied, much less the results of it.

It was then that I happened upon Hunter S. Thompson’s account of Nixon’s funeral and his opinions. It is a remarkable document, especially for the writing and also the statement that such a man cannot be fully understood objectively. Only subjectively can you get a feel of what he was actually like. Perhaps that is where the answer lies. I’ve been wrestling with this ever since I was asked the question a couple months ago and decided that perhaps that is the way to answer this question. At least it will put an end to speculation.

Does anybody remember the conditions surrounding his last couple years, after he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and before it was once and for all besmirched in its lack of integrity by its being awarded to Barack Obama – actions that took place after the award, btw.?

For the last two years of hiss life, his headquarters and living quarters were besieged by Israeli soldiers. Utilities were completely cut off, including water and the basic necessities of hygene. Ambassadors from other countries and the UN had to endure the smell and the conditions, but they at least were able to go home after their visit. Arafat had to stay. He was surrounded, after all, and he was the recognized leader of the Palestinian effort to regain their homeland.

He was a brilliant tactician early one, once orchestrating the highjacking of three planes simultaneously landing at the same airstrip, one piloted by a female. It was a clearly secular movement without a hint of Jihadist or Mullahs.

Israel tried to kill him repeatedly. For awhile he had to hide in Lebanon, causing massive bombing of that country. He moved headquarters to Tunis and Israel bombed Tunis. All of this is easily and objectively confirmed, no need for subjectivity so far.

Mossad operates to assassinate, no doubt about it. They even did it on tape in the Emirates where the agents were caught on camera.

We are told it is pure coincidence that every time the UN inspected iran’s nuclear program another Iranian nuclear scientist was killed. Yeah, no proof there. That calls for a subjective opinion and that means yes, Israel assassinates Iran scientists.

Israel also bombed Iraq and Syria to “prevent nuclear holocaust,” making so many of us feel so much safer that there would be no more holocausts – only constant use of the term to justify anything and everything Israel does. After all, we have to be safe from anti-semantics, even those of us who are Semitic. Better to bomb the innocent than to have another holocaust. Shit, I dodn’t want no holocaust no way nowhere, not now, not never, nope, none. I don’t need no stinkin holocaust. Get it outta here.

So his wife has the body exhumed and it is now in France, I understand. I know of no autopsy yet, but then France is busy bombing people in Mali and people in Algeria are getting weapons from Libya (remember Libya?) to attack British Petroleum in Algeria in support of those people in Mali. Why not, they attacked the Gulf of Mexico, didn’t they? But no, the word we get is that the guy leading this sting of kidnappings is a criminal and a Jihadist. Even if he wasn’t, it would be enough to make him a bad guy – he isn’t doing anything to prevent another holocaust, so screw him.

Meanwhile, Israel is having another election and expanding settlements and beating the crap out of anyone who pitches a tent in the Palestinian area that is where the new settlements are going to be.

Well, not to get off the track, we also now that Mossad or Israel did not assassinate Arafat with Polonium because many in the government wanted to and the leader at the time said it wasn’t a good idea, then. I know this will be whined about, so I’m putting part of an article on the subject at the end of this.

And who the hell else had the nuclear material in the area at the time and had a motive? Well, that is as far as I can get in answering the question. After all, I wasn’t in on it. I didn’t do it – I know that much!

This extract and the links should give some idea. It’s from Wikipedia and you can check the entire thing as well as all the references and make up your own mind. (Elsewhere in the same article more recent developments are discussed and the cartoon is looking pretty apt.):

Israel attempted to assassinate Arafat on a number of occasions, but has never used its own agents, preferring instead to “turn” Palestinians close to the intended target, usually using blackmail.[95] According to Alan Hart, the Mossad’s specialty is poison.[95] According to Abu Iyad, two attempts were made on Arafat’s life by the Israeli Mosaad and the Military Directorate in 1970.[96] In 1976, Abu Sa’ed, a Palestinian traitor-agent who had been working for the Mossad for four years, was enlisted in a plot to put poison pellets that looked like grains of rice in Arafat’s food. Abu Iyad explains that Abu Sa’ed confessed after he received the order to go ahead, explaining that he was unable to go through with the plot because, “He was first of all a Palestinian and his conscience wouldn’t let him do it.”[97] Arafat claimed in a 1988 interview with Time that because of his fear of assassination by the Israelis, he never slept in the same place two nights in a row.[98]


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