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The following is sent out by one of the few truly independent publications left in this country. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but money seems to make all the difference. This is actually one of the few places left that prints facts suppressed by the Corporate Media.

Christof Lehmann is a serious and scrupulous publisher and deserves all the support you can give him. And I mean, he is serious, even though I do know that he has a sense of humor.

He is so good that WordPress, I take it, censored his blog. This is amazing. It was over Gaddafi and Libya. I did not know of this publication at the time, so I used sources on social media that were trustworthy to learn facts.

Now here at the Absurd Times we have a difficult time remaining serious. From time to time, we do express our outrage, publish facts that are not known, and often try to anger people.

The trouble is, the people we would like to get angry see through all that and find it funny. In fact, one way you can tell that we often report the truth is that it is funny, even absurd, because that is the type of world we are living in — Absurd!

We have gotten some pretty ridiculous comments, but they fade away. Really, it was our goal to get banned, blackballed, but we just never generated the audience.

Until one day, we published our article Gaddafi and History. Nothing happened here at, but the article about Gaddafi *was* attacked by Facebook as offensive. That made our day. It really did. We tried to repost it, and got a note that there have been objections because it was offensive. We were thrilled! We even wrote about it, thanking those who were so outraged at those facts for objecting! And then we republished it on Facebook from another direction. No reaction. Nada. People these days just do not have the courage of their misconceptions!

Well, anyway, here is the announcement of the new location along with the appropriate links.

And we wish them the greatest of success!

Dear nsnbc subscriber.

I want to use the opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and hopefully more peaceful year 2013. Beside that I want to give you important information about developments at nsnbc and ask you to help us raise minimum 10.000 USD for 2013 to become more efficient at breaking the embargo on truth.

nsnbc – from blog to media collective and to collectively driven daily newspaper.

New Domain to Secure nsnbc against Censorship.
During the last days of 2012 nsnbc moved from a domain to a .me domain at .
The move was made to secure that wordpress cannot suddenly close nsnbc such as it happened with the Stop NATO wordpress blog in 2011, during the NATO attack on Libya. But this is not enough. We need to entirely move away from a wordpress format and to a professional media software to secure that you can receive nsnbc every day, and in an improved format. Depending on your donations we will transform nsnbc into a daily online newspaper with high quality news, analysis, opinion and more.

Media Collective – Media by the people for the people.
Some of nsnbc´s most frequent contributors will become co-editors. Other frequent contributors will during 2013 get the possibility to directly upload articles to nsnbc.
That, combined with a new software platform later in 2013, will allow us to develop into an actual online newspaper. nsnbc wants to bring you daily, high quality news, analysis, opinion, on a wide range of issues and from throughout the world.

Why ? Because Unless we take up the competition with the mainstream media who reach millions every day, we will continue to be lagging behind – repairing the damage which propaganda and disinformation of corporate and state funded mainstream media has done – rather than being proactive by informing the masses with high quality, independent material. We count on your support because you know that you can count on nsnbc.

I will try my best to keep nsnbc subscriptions free of charge,- but that requires that you show us your support and appreciation by making a donation now, and to continue making modest donations every once in a while. nsnbc subscribers will therefore receive one monthly e-mail in which I will inform you about latest developments. If enough donations are made, I am considering to add additional features for those who made a donation – such as receiving a personal monthly briefing from one of the editors.

If we shall take up the struggle against war propaganda and disinformation we absolutely depend on your donation. Regardless how small your donation may be, your donation is appreciated and it will help. Some of you live in nations where many earn less than a dollar per day – I hope that some of our more privileged subscribers will make an extra donation to cover for you. If you are economically privileged we would off course also appreciate greater donations. In the monly e-mails you will also receive information about how much nsnbc has received in donations. So far nsnbc has received 50 USD in 2013.

It was me who donated the 50 USD so nsnbc could move to our new domain . We still need at least 9.950 USD to reach our minimum goal for 2013 to move to a censorship secured and high quality media format. I count on your support.

Christof Lehmann


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