The Absurd Times Fascism and Meinhof

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This is an excellent rendition of the problem of fascism everywhere, not just in Germany. The word “Nazi” has become a sort of synecdoche, a rhetorical device where the part stands for the whole. The “Whitehouse,” is another example where “Whitehouse” stands for all of the administrative functions of the United States government. The word “Nazi,” as it is usually used, means “fascist,” although sometimes it does not, just as the Whitehouse sometimes just means the architectural structure.

Another note is also needed on translation. The article is presented in German, clear German (which could be mistranslated as “German clarity” by someone not looking closely enough). So, the reader may find a passage or word here or there that is clearly in error. Even so, the mistakes are minor and easily passed by. As Nietzsche once said, “Neither the best nor worst in a passage or book can not be translated.” (A discussion on Nietzsche and translation, specifically with respect to his “God is dead,” remark can be found elsewhere on this publication with my translations and some others.) At any rate, at one point the word “I” is used in this translation where “one” may be what was intended. In any case, to dwell on it is a meaningless waste of time and I mention that here only to forestall any questions on the subject.

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Ulrike Meinhof über die Kriegsverbrechen in Dresden – So aktuel wie je zuvor.

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Ulrike Meinhof über die Kriegsverbrechen in Dresden – So aktuel wie je zuvor. Vietnam nach Syrien, endloser Krieg – Dieser Artikel wurde von Ulrike Marie Meinhof während ihrer Zeit als Chefredakteur der Zeitschrift “konkret” zwischen 1959 und 1969 geschrieben. Später griff Ulrike Meinhof zu den Waffen gegen die faschistischen Machtstrukturen der Nachkriegszeit in einem Westdeutschland, in […]
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