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Illustration: Kieth Tucker on Climate change. See

I’ve always wanted to imitate the Tribune when it announced Dewey Wins. Always loved the photo of Truman holding up the headline.

But, the odds in Vegas are 3 to 1. That means he has about an 80% chance of winning. Where did the other percent go? Hey, that’s Vegas, how do you think they make their money?

Otherwise, just a few stray things going on. Hurricane Sandy had the force of about 500,000 Atom Bombs. It is the worse storm since 1821 – wasn’t Napoleon still around then?

There was also a snow storm reports Snowshoe, West Virginia. I saw furfing in Lake Michigan until it got too rough.

The stock exchange was closed and under 3 feet of water for awhile (that’s 14 Wall Street).

Romney was on the campaign trail, as they say, telling his crowds to be sure to show up at the polls on November 7. Of course, the election is on the 6th, but what the hell? Just a bit more “Romnesia”.

Romney had promised to privatize FEMA. Right. We would all feel saffr if we could count on the profit motive to assist us when in trouble, no? The idea was to turn the job over to the states. Yeah, they would cooperate. 90% of the money comes from the Feds in such cases. We could count on private enterprise to do that, right?

We are tired of hearing the word “decimate” used to mean “destroy”. “Decimate” means to reduce by a tenth.

The Reverend from Fox, the guy who ran for President awhile ago, has narrated a campaign ad warning voters to vote for values that will “stand the test of fire”. Asbestos? No, he means God will get you if you vote for Socialist Obama. Of course, there is no socialist Obama. If there was, we would be in much better shape today.

Romney has stated that the “Business of America is Business”. Where did I hear about that? Calvin Coolidge. Yes, let’s go back to the economics of Coolidge. He did so well.

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