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The Navy Done Him In

Illustration: From Http:// He has a lot of great and pretty funny illustrations if you are interested in the Race. Really.

Well, I started out scoring this on the 10 point must system. The winner of each round gets 10 points, the looser 9 or 8 in case of a knockdown.
Round one went to Obama, 10 to 8 as Romney seemed ill-prepared.
Round two Obama, 10 to 9.
Round three, even, 10 to 10.
About a half an hour into it, they went off from the subject so far, I had forgotten the original question. It wasn’t even about Foreign Policy which the contest was about. I scored that 0 to 0 and gave up.
It wasn’t until a bit later when Romney attacked for the Navy having less ships than it did in 1915. I wondered if 1915 was a weak year, but Obama said words to the effect that Romney doesn’t know much about the military. We also have less bayonets and calvary horses. We have these things called air-craft carriers and these boats that went underwater that were called nuclear submarines.
That was funny. Good line. Knockout.
However, the contest continued as most people either tweeted, watched the Cards get clobbered even worse in Baseball or turn to the Bears football game. One said she had soap-operas on Tibo.
Even those idiot "undecideds" figured Obama won.
Fox announced that Romney won the series, 1 out of 3 because he had piled up early points. Biden’s work on Ryan was ignored. (See whatnowtoons for that one, too).
OK, so now it’s over and done with. Don’t bother me about it again!

Frankly, the third party candidates had more to say.

Time now to throw Israel and the rest of the world under the bus? Where is that damn bus when you need it?

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