The Absurd Times Obama v. Romney — FARCE ME NOT!

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Illustration: Mitt Romney as he appears on FOX.

Honestly, I had decided to have nothing at all to do with this charade they call American Politics and wound up, by circumstance (never mind how, mind your own business, get your own life) watching the “Presidential Debate,” although the performance was neither presidential nor a debate. Obama’s performance was simply a microcosm of his Presidency, fully of hope and promise, signifying disappointment and spinelessness.

It was such a ridiculous fiasco that I am left nearly speechless by it. One reason I focus on international issues, other than the obvious fact that Americans think the Mid East is Baltimore, is that it is merely Absurd. Now, after watching that debate, I honestly think that I need a new name for this publication because we live in times that are not even absurd.

It was ludicrous that we were subjected to the entire thing, in fact. At least Professional Football Fans have the sense to leave when it becomes obvious that the performance is hopeless and only an ex-Cubs fan would even consider watching to the end. To steal an idea from the late jean Sheppard, Cubs fans got used to measuring victory in terms of defeat. In other words, even though the Cubs lost 22 to 4, Ernie Banks got 2 hits, one of the all the way to Waveland avenue for a homerun. “Hey, hey.” We didn’t even have that at this debate.

Obama allowed Romney to lie through his teeth throughout the evening. Even Rick Perry had done better coming up with the term “Vulture Capitalism” to describe Bain Capital. The term 47% never was mentioned. In fact, none of the big business neo-fascist tripe that Romney serves up with a smile was even touched. Romney was even allowed to call Obama soft on Banking regulations when Romney’s top 8 contributors are Major too big to fail banks.

I am not about to waste my own psychological insights as to why Obama was such a disappointment as I have covered that enough already (see 2009-2011, etc.) for discussions of that.

The idiot Jim Lehrer was also fired by Mr. Romney on the air and that was the second most edifying moment of the debate. The most edifying was his firing of Big Bird, a fact that lit up Twitter as nothing before:

With the above one of the most amusing aspects of the entire debate. Yes, that was it! The best thing that came out of the entire evening!!

The next Debate, so called, features Biden v. Lyin’ Ryan. Our illustrator has an illustration for that as well:

Nothing sums him up better. Well done.

So, now we are stuck with the name “Absurd Times” or “Czar Donic’s Blog,” and it is too late to change it. But damn it, “Absurd” does not begin to describe what that night was all about.


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