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Sorry if this is too many, but somehow things are not working right.


Some of our readers are fond of saying that the Christian fundamentalists need their imaginary friend. Well, being an atheist in that sense is simply too much work. We have never taken a stand against such imaginary friends. In fact, we believe that such imaginary friends help many weak-minded people to get through difficult times and help explain why things that just happen have meaning. They may not have any sense behind them, but hey, if it helps them cope, so be it.
If is getting difficult to cope with the imaginary opponents in the political season. Since the "destitution derby" of the conventions (stories of rising up from difficult times, eating lunch on an ironing board, etc.) now we have all sort of imaginary demons haunting us. Below is a photo of the humble house in Chicago from where I rose from then to now.

I live in a bigger house now and thus have to spend much more time mowing the damn grass. That’s progress. The house above is very similar (as I remember the visits) to that of the former mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley who proclaimed Robert’s Rules of Order to be the greatest book ever written, leaving the Bible far behind.
So, who is this imaginary President Romney is running against? He is a mean, black, Chicago politician with an elitist Harvard-educated Moslem orientation who is a Socialist. The real Obama is nothing more than a tool of Wall Street.
What has he done? He has put 47% of the population on Welfare as a bribe and let the Moslems take over the world.
I simply can not find this opponent.
In fact, the entire campaign is imaginary. Clint Eastwood, not to take a bit from his talent and cinematographic talent, was and angry old whit man talking to an imaginary President in an empty chair at the convention. It seem the entire party is many up of angry old white men who yell at imaginary things.
[I here apologize to those who only received the above — sometimes I hit the publish button instead of the save one.]
To continue in search of more to offend:
Our government and our corporate media has express indignation at the failure to extradite Julian Assange for questioning to Sweden. There are no arrest warrants, but an extradition request exists. He believes that this is a ruse to get him extradited in turn from Sweden to face charges here in the U.S. If it is true that he should be extradited, we then have another situation.
What about extraditing someone to another country from here if that person has an outstanding arrest warrant filed against him?
Well, such is the case with the feeble-minded pastor in Florida who sponsors "Burn a Koran" day, the guy who made the silly movie about Mohamed on You-tube, and six others. The Attorney General of Egypt has issued these warrants. Are we not bound to extradite them to Egypt to stand trial?
The silly movie has caused demonstrations against the U.S.A. in most of the world by now.
We also need to find out more about those topless photographs of the future Queen of England. Imagine the harm that has been done now that the world knows that British Royalty actually have sexual and mammary organs and glands. This is a secret that has been guarded for centuries.
Returning to the election, notice all the attention given to the fact that Obama has raised more than Romney? Well, that is true, but it does not include the "SuperPacs," a force made possible by the Supreme Court Decision that money is free speech. If that is true, one of you says, it is now time for an equal distribution of free speech in this country, or rather an equitable re-distribution of free speech.
We close with a contribution for another one of you:

It seems to be considered a right to depict ancient religious leaders like Jesus and ‘the Buddha’ ( the Buddha means ‘the awakened one’ or ‘the one who woke up’ – his mail was addressed to Prince Gautama Siddhartha).
If you ‘wake up’ from the endless dream of the so-called ‘real world’ you’re lucky. Most of us are under bullshit control center
from birth to death. And it’s not just about politics either, but that gives you a big clue.

"The Simpsons" cartoon show, the most successful such in history, mercilessly but hilariously pillory Jesus and ‘the B’ all the time, mostly J,
the ‘false Messiah’. Like a lot of tv, Jews run The Simpsons, and Jews generally don’t like the überachtung paid to one of their own, that rebel
Jesus of Nazareth. What made him so special, did he chase the Romans out of Israel?, NO! What a lot of Jews wanted then, and still do, is
control of the area, not more pious sayings.

Modern Jews are still pissed, where is the REAL Messiah, you know, the
one that makes us kings of the earth? Jesus’ far less exciting ( but still very traditional in the prophetic
line) commandment to ‘love your neighbor as yourselves’ went over in most of Israel kind of like a pork chop
would go over in a synagogue, oy.

Jews wanted a Jewish version of Alexander the Great, at least, and what they got was a Jewish Buddha, sort of.

I am sometimes a bit shocked at how vicious the swipes at Jesus and of course at dimwitted Christianity, duh, are on
"The Simpsons" but noted a change of attitude when Jewish Krusty the Clown got bar mitzvahed during one episode.

The ceremony, complete with Hebrew spoken apparently accurately, gets a respect rare on The Simpsons.
It’s almost like someone suddenly said, ‘hey, quit screwin’ around for a minute willya, this is OUR thing!’.

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