The Absurd Times Black propaganda of a failed zionist “revolution” – Part 1

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This article, by the Syrian Commando, is one of many informative ones that can be found at his site.

As you realize by now, the Corporate media will suppress, or ignore, any real information about the Middle-East,
and Syria is currently one of their main irritations.

Frankly, I think all the crocodile tears about Syria is an attempt, and a successful one, to divert attention from Israel and its
war crimes in Palestine.

Israel is very pleased to see all this nonsense so that they can also nurse their paranoia about Iran. Frankly, Iran does not need
an atomic bomb to defend itself against Israel or even the United States and most military experts agree that any attack
against Iran would be idiotic and detrimental to Israel. However, that never stopped them or us.

The current election here is now occupied with Romney promising that he will keep the word “God” on our currency. Frankly, Obama
has no greater asset in this election than the Republicans. One of Romney’s supporters, much appreciated by Romney, is Pat Robertson
who advised one caller who was having trouble with his wife to “become a Moslem so you can beat her.” There are far too many empty
chairs in this election.

At any rate, I commend the Syrian Commando to any of you who want edification on the topic. The only other blog I found that had
approached it in clarity was the one operated by the “Angry Arab” about Palestine.

I left the idiotic comments at the end so one can see what morons are online now. Things haven’t been the same since the mouse was invented
and people could point and clink rather than read and think.

Black propaganda of a failed zionist “revolution” – Part 1

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Black propaganda of a failed zionist “revolution” – Part 1

06/18/2012 by syriancommando

Every time we think the west, the zionists and their Arab puppets have sunk to the deepest pit of morality, they prove us wrong by pulling out a new vice. Through killing us in a new way — and then lying about it to kill us once again. Were I to list off all of the lies created, all the works of deception, about Syria, the result would be encyclopedia spanning 30 volumes. This is not the purpose of this post. The purpose is to END these lies, by showing you how they are created.

Let us begin from the very beginning… with the so-called “peaceful spontaneous protests”. These were preceded by attempts in Iraq to smuggle a huge amount of arms by months and various failed attempts to spark protests since at least late February and early March 2011. A favoured tactic by the west is to put women and children, as young as plausible, at the very forefront of their propaganda. This leaves most reader in a heightened emotional state, the only purpose of their “news” then, is to inject the lie: The Syrian people and their security forces cannot be trusted to keep themselves safe. “Violence” is splashed everywhere and a slow narrative creep approaches, justifying certain violence and attempting to annihilate the only legitimate source of violence: The monopoly of sovereignty.

It isn’t enough to lie however… the key to their strategy is to create events on the ground loosely corresponding to their lies. That way they can slowly change reality with their narrative forcefully being repeated until all of the weak observers have no choice but to (or willingly) succumb.

And so began the so-called “revolution”: Ten children graffiti some anti-government vandalism over some wall in Daraa and supposedly get arrested. Then their parents supposedly gather the entire city behind them and protest, only to be fired on by police who, for whatever reason, went crazy that day and started firing own their own townsmen whose families they no doubt know personally. Then of course, the governor orders the children be taken away to some super-secret dungeon to have all of their nails pulled out. Here’s the problem: To this day no one knows who these children are, the story is likely to be a fabrication and its announcement nothing more than a signal for the Otpor-style colour revolution fuel. Also, never mind several policemen were stabbed in Homs on the very same day, definitely spontaneous am I right? In reality, there were death squads on the field simulating this very scenario by shooting at both the police and the protesters.

The government had to swallow this one whole, they were taken by surprise (and this in itself is criminal negligence in my opinion, but I let it pass because we have to save our country at all costs) admitted mistakes and announced that people’s demands for reform (the palatable cover for such protests of course) was heard and will be met with certainty. Furthermore, it announced the emergency law that kept the country secure at the cost of enriching very corrupt people with absolute power over the country, would end. In any case this emergency law proved to be useless as the majority of customs people were paid off and arms were flowing freely from all bordering countries with the exception of the zionist entity and 10,060 US military-payroll personnel were being housed in Syria as admitted by the pentagon! A testament to the efficiency of the DoD’s irregular warfare program.

In order to stop the possibly cascading violence between police and “protesters” (the gunmen who embed themselves amongst them) the government ordered all security to refrain from shooting at protests ! This spelled the end of George Soro’s colour revolution stratagem that worked perfectly in Egypt and Tunisia. The professional agitating snipers, gunmen were largely caught … but it was far from the end of it. This same lie persisted to keep as many fools going as possible and to give the fabricated “opposition” a battle cry to stand on. But alas, as with all things, this lie had diminishing returns with each repetition.

The zionist “revolution” needed a symbol: A small twelve year boy as it happened, killed by maniacal security forces in the most gruesome torturous way in the depth of secret dungeons. In reality, it was an armed seventeen year old whose father admitted that his goal was to rape and steal, shot while raiding a police station, the president personally met with him and handed the coroner’s report. But the lying media, found a photograph of him from school and splashed it across all the social media. You can still find this photograph on many revolution-suckers profile photo. None of them know the truth, the lie was too easy to swallow.

The stage was set to bring on the west’s “activist” no-lifers: Enter the gay girl in Damascus.

The gay girl in Damascus… and the real person behind this character, Tom McMaster

The gay girl was a blog that was slowly being updated, well before the violent riots began. It was done in coordination of Tom McMaster and his girlfriend who specialised in middle eastern affairs, specifically around Syria. After a few fanciful stories, which got the image of black jacketed Mukhabarat cigarette smoking thugs into people’s minds, amongst threats of rape and sectarian undertones all written in English … the “gay girl” had to be martyred. She was arrested and disappeared by police you see… the “gay community” in the west was outraged. They quickly called upon their hoards of busy-body activists to “champion” the cause of the zionist revolution in Syria. But alas, it was short lived mainly due to the incredible attention given to the story. The US embassy, declining at the time to drain itself of credibility (that it would save for later, draining it on an equally pointless fantasy I might mention), denied knowing anything about the supposed gay girl. Indeed, people began browsing through the carefully constructed history McMaster and his girlfriend created for her, eventually leading them directly to the culprit.

For reasons far too complicated and arcane, Syria had to go down for the west, they were and still are willing to throw everything they had at us. What they had done so far wasn’t enough. Too many smart people resided in Syria and they largely ignored their enemy’s press. The suckers had to grow in their bloodlust in order to be more useful zionist puppets. They had to assume their fellow Syrians were monsters in order for them to act like monsters and justify monstrous acts.

In the second part, we will go through the vicious, barbaric acts committed to simulate the horrors necessary to achieve this bloodlust and more — international condemnation. Furthermore, I will reveal the final few as-of-yet unlaunched attempts that are being drawn up by zionist-linked journalists in the west, leaving you with the following screenshot from social media that should hint at directions they wish to explore next.

A demented western media liar looks for photographs of prostitutes in order to taint military men that he admits are honourable people.

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  1. on 06/22/2012 at 11:48 am | ReplyNalliah Thayabharan
    The current Syrian adventure is a re-run of “OPERATION AJAX” carried out against Iran; planned by KERMIT ROOSEVELT in 1953. Only Syria and North Korea do not have a central bank – a branch of the Federal Reserve. Zionists owned Bank of England gave “PROUD” Americans the First Bank of America AND the Second Bank of the United States, even the FEDERAL RESERVE, the Zionists owned private bank that’s been running UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for the last 100 years. USA & UK are Colonies of the Zionists owned Banks.

    • on 07/07/2012 at 4:00 am | Replykrismclavelli
      Rubbish. Your knee-jerk aversion against central banks is irrational and lacks perspective. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd banks of the US had nothing to do w/ “zionists.” Quite the opposite. The BUS were what helped to SAVE the US in its early days from British destabilization.

      Having a central bank does not automatically entail absolute evil. The question is always WHO controls it. A central bank can be a benefit if it aims to promote the NATIONAL interests of a nation-state. This means the PHYSICAL economy–the REAL economy. If however it supports financial specculation and gambling–as the private ultra-secret federal reserve does today–then it must be abolished in favor of something that is subordinated to national government. The federal reserve is private for a reason; it serves PRIVATE interests.

  2. on 07/07/2012 at 4:25 am | Replykrismclavelli
    Excellent analysis. 21st century warfare entails a media war to affect the public opinion of the “international community.” This nebulous entity–the I.C–(let’s call it the UN, because it’s at least the main component) is largely ignorant. The problem is Western–particularly Anglo-Saxon–cultural hegemony in this sphere.

    I’ve seen first hand the idiocy of the UN bureacracy.
    I participated in a video conference with the spokesman for UN public affairs–the guy was a moron. He was Egyptian, but indistnguishable from an Anglo-Saxon in perspective and behavior.
    Pressed on the Libyan issue, he said the UN’s role was a “sucess.”
    This echoes precisely was NATO SACEUR Stavridis and Clinton have said RE Libya. Is he an idiot??? No. I later heard him refer to CNN on another issue as a source of information. Need we say more?

    What this illustrates is that this is a microcosm of a larger problem: namely, people in the IC buy into the Western media warfare and this is the BASIS for their behavior as actors in the UN bureacracy. So when people like Navi Pillay of the UN High Commiss on Human Rights acts the way she does-like trying to refer Syria to the ICC–we know one of the reasons why. The media war…

  3. on 07/10/2012 at 8:28 pm | Replysabinachiaburu
    Reblogged this on sabinachiaburu.
  4. on 07/29/2012 at 5:01 pm | ReplyAli
    Bad ass Nazi @syria fucker
  5. on 08/22/2012 at 12:23 pm | Replymellee
    wtf did i just read? and what has zionists and western plot to do with this revolution?we know the whole story lol stup trying to fool people. if u dont know the children of daraa , i do .
    not mentioning the awful history about his father and what he did to us go f**** urself and get a life plz syrian commando
    sincerely a simple normal citizen in syria who’s living the event and got sick of your lies

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