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Illustrations: First, one of the terrorists killed in Aleppo. He is a veteren of the Lybian Comflict. Second, a photo taken a day or two ago at a Damascus market.

It is rather tiring to see reports about Syria all announcing that “Assad’s days are numbered.” First of all, whose aren’t? Of course, how big that number is can only be told once the person dies, but that is about as helpful and meaningful as saying you can only tell whether an addicts has been cured after he dies. The statement is meaningless. There are others that have become irritating: Step Down. Yes, he called on Assad to “step down.” Does he suppose he will step up? I think step down and days are numbered should be taken off the table, one and for all.
Here are a few facts that are not seen in our media, although the Guardian, Independent, Le Figaro, and many other outlets across the world do acknowledge them. Only bits and pieces come out, but the cumulative estimates seem reasonable.
The Syrian Army captured 9 terrorists at one point. They can be called terrorists because they fit the international definition perfectly with one exception: the U.S. Government likes them, or dislikes the official government of Syria. Of these nine, seven were veterans of combat in Lybia.
Many other of the terrorists had been identified, many self-identified, as Al-Qaeda. About a thousand were eliminated in Damascus.
Aleppo, the commercial city about the population of Chicago, is now the center of battle. Damascus has been cleared and above is a recent photo of a market in Damascus. Even our media hints at the abuse of prisoners by the terrorists, but the cuts in the chest of one of Assad’s soldiers are minor compared to what is really going on.
Countries have armed these people and they now have anti-aircraft weapons. Today, Aleppo is being shelled and will eventually fall. There will be no peaceful resolution.
Active support to overthrow Assad is being provided by Turkey, Asudi Arabia, other gulf countries, Lybia (the scene of a recent bombing and jailbreak), and we seem to be coordinating it.
Supporting Syria are Iraq, Iran, the people of Jordan who are now being deprived of water of any sort, and most of Lebanon for self-preservation.
Turkey is now surrounded by traditional enemies and has, of course, created one in Syria.
Russia is sending at least seven military ships to the Mediterranian. Putin has already mentioned the possibility of World War III in connection with an attack on Iran, and Syria seems not far behind.
I think we’ve fucked things up.

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