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Illustration: Great Keith!

If you have seen much news lately, or any at all, you probably know that a “new study” came out that “proved” global warming. New studies are perniciously hyped up and made false by their reporting. Some studies “proved” that cyclamates caused cancer and this got to the point where they were forced off the market until “new studies” showed that they were not and that sugar was more dangerous, but not as much a fructose corn syrup. You must be trembling as you read this horrifying news.

And if you have been following us at all, you already know that man-made climate change is a fact. (You also probably know that the universe is older that 5,000 years and that things evolve – except in Kansas and the Tea Party, but that means nothing as well.) In addition, you may suspect with us that it is already too late to do anything about it – 30 years ago it was not.

We are not trying to prove anything by relaying that here, but are providing a bit of background on the study (which shall remain anonymous). Climatologists us what are called “predictors” to forecast weather. A “predictor” is nothing more than a term in statistics that really means “explain” and they are best used after the results are known. In the media, they are usually called “computer models,” although computers are more incredibly stupid that any machine previously invented. They are simply fast at being stupid and that makes them so valuable.

For a moment, remember those forecasts about where a hurricane is going to land. When it is first seen, they put the information into several different “computer models,” and you see all those different paths in different colors. Eventually, they all point to the same place, about 10 hours before it hits land. All it means is that they now had sufficient information, including the past path, to make an accurate prediction, all long after you had already decided, correctly, where it would land. Once it lands, you know the “predictors” were right.

The same applies to this latest report (or study). They kept putting in variables that would explain the droughts and record heat. In no conventional way could they get any of the models to “predict” or account for the droughts. It was only when data pertaining to man-made pollutants were added that the result were found. Ergo, without mad-made pollution, there would be no global warming.

OLYMPICS? NBC, meaning Comcast, owns the Olympics in the US. Of all the people covering them, only Bob Costas and Al Michaels, perhaps John McEnroe, have any business being there. Others will include the Today show types and what Matt Lauer knows about the pentathlon Is about what Mitt Romney knows about the middle-class.
Of course, most people who watch the Olympics are not sports fans anyway. Of the 200 million who watched, 131 million have never been to a baseball game in their life and even less ever saw a football game other than the so-called SuperBowl. It reminds me that one British politician in hanging the five Olympic rings said that the five rings stood for something like “endurance, strength, humility, poverty, and chastity.” I mean, really. Like he said … never mind.

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