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Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on June 21, 2012

From a reader:

The anonymous rich donor thing reminds me of something in law where
the accused has a right to confront his accusor – no secret testimony.
But that has probably gone down the drain too now as they will accuse
and then say they can’t disclose who says it for national security
reasons. Another Catch 22.
That guy who always sounds like he’s talking with a mouth full of
shit- Mitch McConnel? – is leading the fight to avoid disclosure. Once
they win all the elections, so it’s a one party nation, there will be
a schism between radical right and moderate right and guess who will
win that?
What do the Koch brothers sell that we can boycott? Or maybe we should
boycott Coke until they take on the Kochs for us?. That makes sense in
political style now. The Kochs remind me of the Duke brothers in
Trading Places- Don Amechi and Ralph Bellemy.
Romney wants to choose Rubio for running mate- doesn’t it matter
anymore that he lied about his heritage? It gets forgotten- something
about his family coming to Miami after Castro took power when in fact
they left before that happened. Just a small lie. h

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