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Illustration:  Thanks to the source of this graph.  No factual check on the debt except this chart so far.  Also, per capita, George W. Bush put more people of “food stamps” then did Obama, but hey, it’s a crowd pleaser.  Newt obviously said that because South Carolina Republicans don’t like blacks, or African-Americans.
            I just started reflecting and decided to write something about the last R. debate, and I find out that there is another one on Monday, the 23rd.  Isn’t this number 20?  Hey, it’s free programming for the cable networks. 
          About the only place to check news on American television now is Current TV, the only cable network not owned by a corporation.  On the Absurd Times Annex, there is, I think, a bit on how CNN covered the Anonymous movement, but it was only 10 minutes long and of value only to those who knew nothing about it.  Also, Warner Brothers, and Time-Warner owns CNN, gets 25cents for the sale of any anonymous mask.
          It must have been hard for them to cover the protest against the SOPA act as their parent companies were lobbying for it!
          But anyway, the last debate, attended by South Carolina Republicans and other professional wrestling and NASCAR fans, opened with the CNN moderator, John King, being “bitch slapped” by Newt Gingrich over Newt’s sexual hypocrisy.  Since Newt won, if we watch any more cable news, we are likely to be treated to more mental images of Newt having sex.  A good opening question would have been, “Newt, where was your penis last night?”
          Herman Cain appeared in the run-up to the election saying, “Stay informed, ‘cause stupid people are ruining America.” Stephen Colbert was running as Herman Cain.  It looks as if he got 2% of the vote.
          We learned that Romney just lost the Iowa Caucus to saintly Santorum.   Is this yet another “flip-flop” on Romney’s part?
          The election was held on the anniversary of Newt’s punishment and $300,000 fine for ethics violations while Speaker of the House.  It was also the anniversary of the citizen’s United Verdict. Fulfilling, no?
            There were tornado warnings all day long during the primary.
          Judge Scalia came up with a solution for those who are upset with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizen’s United: “just turn off your T.V.”
          Well, maybe he’s right.  Ceny Uygur is on at 6, EST and Keith Olbermann at 7, EST, and Jennifer Granholm at 8, EST on Current.  There is all the news you can tolerate right there and it is fairly accurate, unlike the corporate owned outlets. 
          “Whore-Monger” is the Elizabethan (16th Century) word for “pimp”.  “War Monger” is the same for Republican (except Ron Paul, who is crazy in almost every other area except drugs and prostitution.  Otherwise, he is a Republican).
          Anyway, that’s enough for this week, don’t you agree? 
          I’ll think about something less idiotic for next time.  Well, I’ll try to. J



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