Occupy the Future

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Saturday, January 07, 2012



          The title is valid no matter how it is punctuated, or not.  The corporate media has not covered the occupation movement much recently, and this leaves some people with questions as to whether it still exists and others in search of other phenomena of interest.
          Bits of information still manage to get through the corporate screening when its media cover other events, however.  And it is clear that the movement has diversified and expanded rather than simply festering or remaining stationary in various public squares.  After all, a movement that is not evolving has every potential of dying and this movement is far from dying.
          One area of concentration has been on the foreclosure scam perpetrated on the American public and continued through taxpayer subsidized banking interests.  Even since Bill Clinton managed to repeal Glass-Stiegall, our economy has been one large crap shoot, greatly encouraged by the 1% and their unwitting cohorts.  It provided that banks not indulge in gambling and was instituted to prevent just the very sort of rampant capitalistic pillaging that resulted.
          The occupy movement has taken to occupying houses in danger of foreclosure.  This has gone on in New York, Kansas City, Oakland, and just about everywhere else, although it get little attention in the corporate press.
          Other activities manage to squeak through the corporate filter, such as questions from “Occupy” members of Mitt Romney during his campaign about corporations as “people,” or the Citizens’ United case so blithely decided by the so ironically named Supreme Court.  Romney defends the decision because people are in corporations.
          He was asked again by another member on a different occasion whether or not he would at least admit that they were destructive people.  Again he disagreed, but at least a somewhat intelligent discussion ensued.  This display of intelligence, with the occasional exception of Ron Paul, is a rarity during the Republican primaries and thus eschewed by the party.
          Much more popular right now is the feckless, but wealthy, Rick Santorum who has announced recently that he is the “Jesus Candidate”.  He is not worth further scorn, but will provide material for comedians for some time.
          Recently, the Gestapo invaded and evicted the headquarters of the Occupy Movement’s media outlet, but the screen remains available here at The Absurd Times as it is a link to other sites that cover other aspects of the protest.
          At the current time, the feed is being used by movements around the world and, so far as I can tell, averages between 500 to 2000 viewers per day (from all sites or access points).
          This movement is not merely a political one, nor is it fixated on a single cause such as ending a particular war or equal rights, but rather on a simply principle of humanism in its broadest sense – all the civic and moral virtues inherent in the best aspects of humanity.
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